Roxana Carmenate, LCSW

Roxana Carmenate LCSW

Roxana Carmenate, LCSW

Roxana Carmenate is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience working with adults, elderly, children and families in both healthcare and mental health settings as an agent of change through education, support and counseling. Her professional commitment is to improve the quality of life of those she serves, so that they may turn around and return to what they enjoy most in life.

She has studied many modalities to bring relief and healing to those in need via her clinical therapeutic interventions and faith-based counseling. Her areas of expertise include trauma and PTSD, clinical depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain and health conditions with a tailored approach to each individual and family situation.

Her background, education, creativity and down-to-earth approach make her an ideal therapist among the ethnic and culturally diverse populations in the South Florida area.

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